Mughlai Egg Biriyani


Biriyani is life to many of us! What if you get to cook authentic Mughlai style egg biriyani at home without much effort? Check out the recipe and give a try! We bet you'll be a master chef in this.

  • 20 mins
  • Prep Time
  • 15 mins
  • Cook Time
  • Hard
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    For Cooking the Rice:

    2 Cups Basmati Rice

    5 Cups Water – to make the rice

    1/2 Tsp Salt

    4 Cloves

    2 Dry Bay Leaf (Tej Patta)

    Other Biryani Ingredients:

    4 Medium Red Onion – thinly sliced

    4 Tbsp Oil – to fry onion

    2 Tbsp Flour – for crisping biryani

    1 Tbsp Ginger Paste

    1 Tbsp Garlic Paste

    2 Tbsp Chopped Almonds – optional

    1 Cup Plain Yogurt

    1/2 Cup Water

    10 Fresh Mint Leaves

    4 Tbsp Olive Oil – to make masala

    4 Tbsp Ghee

    1 Tsp Rose Water – optional

    Few Strands of Saffron – optional

    3 Tbsp Milk – to soak the saffron – optional

    Eastern Pulav Masala - 4tbsp

    Whole Spices:

    1 Cinnamon Stick – broken into 2-3 pieces

    1 Bay Leaf

    3 Black Cardamom

    6 Green Cardamom

    4 Cloves

    Pinch of Nutmeg


  • 20 mins
  • Prep Time
  • 15 mins
  • Cook Time
  • 1Cooking the Rice:

    2Heat 5 cups water In a large pot.

    3Once the water starts to boil, add rice, salt, bay leaf, and cloves.

    4Stir everything snd let this simmer on low-medium heat for 17 minutes.

    5Check rice after 17 minutes, it should have cooked 90% hence turn off the heat.

    6Strain the rice of water and keep aside.

    7Cooking the Eggs:

    8Place 6 eggs In a large bowl and sprinkle red chili powder, turmeric, pulav masala and salt.

    9Coat the eggs with the above spices and keep aside.

    10Heat 1 tsp oil in a large non-stick pressure cooker

    11Add the eggs and saute for 2 minutes on low flames.

    12Once the eggs start to blister and brown on each side, turn off the heat.

    13Remove the eggs and keep aside

    14Frying the Onions:

    15Place 6 eggs In a large bowl and sprinkle red chili powder, turmeric, and salt.

    16Coat the eggs with the above spices and keep aside.

    17In the same pressure cooker, add 3 tbsp oil and 4 tbsp of chopped onion mixture.

    18Saute on low-medium flame till onion turns brownish pink and crisp up.

    19Remove from the cooker and keep on a paper towel/plate.

    20Similarly, fry all the onions and keep aside.

    21Making the Egg Biryani Recipe:

    22In the same pressure cooker, heat 3 tbsp oil + 2 tbsp ghee.

    23Add all the crushed whole spices and saute for a minute.

    24Add ginger + garlic paste, all powdered spices and saute on medium heat till they turn golden in color (about 2 minutes).

    25Now add fried onions and saute.

    26Add yogurt, water, and cover cook for another 2 minutes.

    27Now add fried eggs and let everything simmer for 2 minutes. Then turn off the heat.

    28Remove eggs separately in a bowl and remove the cooked masala in a separate bowl. (Leave the pressure cooker as is for further use).

    29Layer the Egg Biryani in Pressure Cooker:

    30In the same pressure cooker, place 2 ladles of cooked rice, sprinkle 2tbsp of cooked masala, add 2 tbsp of fried onions, chopped cilantro+mint, 1 or 2 fried eggs and sprinkle color if using. (picture below)

    31Layer 2 ladles of rice and follow the process above.

    32Repeat the process till you reach the top of the dish.

    33Now add remaining fried eggs, fried onion, masala and cilantro+mint, 2 tbsp ghee (all remaining ingredients).

    34OPTIONAL: add rose water and saffron soaked in milk.

    35Cover the pressure cooker and let cook for 2 minutes on medium flames.

    36Turn off the heat and wait for 5 minutes.

    37Fluff the biryani using a big fork (scoop and mix the rice and egg layers).

    38The biryani is ready to serve now

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