Dahi Vada - Holi Special


Made with lentil and yogurt, this easy-to-make recipe is loved by people of all age groups. An absolute holi favorite.

  • 20 mins
  • Prep Time
  • 30 mins
  • Cook Time
  • Easy
  • Difficulty

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    500 gm urad dal

    1/2 teaspoon baking powder

    2 cup yoghurt (curd)

    1/2 teaspoon powdered red chilli

    1/4 teaspoon black salt

    2 inches ginger

    1 handful chopped coriander leaves

    salt as required

    1 cup refined oil

    1 teaspoon sugar

    2 tablespoon cumin seeds

    1 tablespoon chaat masala

    2 green chilli

    2 tablespoon tamarind paste

    Chat Masala

    Chilli Powder

    Coriander Powder

    White Pepper powder


  • 20 mins
  • Prep Time
  • 30 mins
  • Cook Time
  • Preparation

    1Wash and soak the urad dal for overnight and grind to a fine paste adding very little water. The batter should be thick.

    2Beat the batter very well till light and fluffy. Add the salt and the baking powder and beat well again.

    3To test whether the batter is ready or not, slowly drop the batter in a glass of water. If the batter floats on the top, it is ready, if not you need to beat it more.


    1Pre-heat oil in a deep frying pan, place a plastic sheet in your palm.

    2Flatten the top of the ball with wet fingers and drop slowly into the hot oil.

    3Deep fry on medium heat for sometime and then fry on low heat till golden brown.

    4Remove these deep fried vadas into a bowl of water and let them soak for 15-20 minutes.

    5Remove and gently press between your palms so that excess water oozes out.

    6Keep them aside. Finish making vadas with the rest of the remaining batter and put them in water like you did for the earlier batch.

    7Pass the yoghurt through a sieve to ensure that there are no lumps. Add in the sugar and salt and mix well.

    Dahi Vada Masala

    1To make the dahi vada Masala: Dry roast the cumin seeds till lightly brown and fragrant. Grind to a smooth powder.

    2Finely chop the green chilies and coriander leaves. Scrap the ginger clean. Wash and cut into juliennes.

    3To serve, place the vadas in a serving bowl and pour the curd mixture evenly all over the vadas, covering them completely.

    4Sprinkle chat masala powder, red chilli powder and cumin powder.

    5Also put a spoon of tamarind and green chutney. Happy eating!

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