Is prostate massage useful for men?

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

In the modern world, men are subject to frequent stress and the effects of poor ecology. They also do not eat in the best way, so many of them have problems with potency. Not only older men suffer from this, but also quite young people. Therefore, many are interested in how to treat potency and whether there are effective measures, Healthy Man website about healthy male potency will tell you how to effectively strengthen potency. You should not immediately poison the body with potent drugs, you can try an effective, but less aggressive method – prostate massage. Is it possible for everyone to do it? So, prostate massage: benefits and harms.

Prostate massage

During the massage, there is a mechanical effect on the prostate area. Due to this, blood flow improves, stagnant processes decrease (secret is secreted from the gland). Massage is also prescribed to patients while taking medications to enhance the effect.

Types of massage

The prostate gland can be affected in three different ways. It is necessary to consider them in more detail:

  • Manual massage. It is carried out by a doctor with the help of an index finger, independently or by a partner.
  • Hydro massage. It is carried out by introducing a drug into the rectum, for example, chamomile infusion, Furatsilin, potassium permanganate. The solution is cooled to 20 degrees and injected with a syringe in the amount of 500 ml at a time.
  • Hardware massage. It is carried out using a device that is equipped with a special probe. The prostate gland is affected by magnetic impulses, temperature and vibrations.

Each type of massage is useful in its own way. You should choose the one that is most convenient for the patient.

Massage helps men to solve a lot of different problems, not only with prostatitis. Sexual intercourse after it becomes much longer and better.

Indications for the use of massage:

It is worth remembering that this procedure is prescribed and conducted by the first sessions of the doctor. Then it can be carried out at home independently. The patient takes a position: the trunk bent at a right angle. A doctor in sterile gloves, lubricated with a special gel, inserts his index finger into the anus and feels a small bulge (approximately 4 cm deep into the rectum).

There are several elements of massage:

All movements should be soft and directed towards the exit.

The disease has been diagnosed quite often in recent years. Therefore, prostate massage, the benefits of which are invaluable, is a fairly common procedure. And if it was not customary to talk about it before, now it saves a normal sex life for many men.

What is the effect of the procedure? Massage treats not only prostatitis. What happens during exposure to the gland:

Doctors recommend doing prostate massage even to solve urological problems. When the inflammatory process has been observed in a patient for a long time, then only massage will help get rid of pus, various bacteria and their waste products.

Prostate diseases are not only harmful to health, but also affect potency. A man loses confidence, he begins to have problems in his intimate life. Massage helps to get rid of these unpleasant symptoms, return a full erection and prolonged sexual intercourse.

Benefit or harm?

Whether prostate massage is useful for a man is decided by a specialist in each individual case. After all, it can also bring harm. When doing it yourself, you should have at least some idea about human anatomy. Do not forget about the lubricant, without which you can damage the mucous membrane of the rectum, the inflammation will become even greater.

Manipulations with the prostate are categorically contraindicated:

During the acute phase of bacterial prostatitis, it is strictly forbidden to do massage, because in this way the infection can get into the blood.

With improper actions, the risk of damage to the large intestine is very high. Before the massage course, you should definitely undergo a comprehensive examination. If there is some hesitation in such matters, then you can watch a video on the Internet, where it is available to tell how to do a massage yourself.

The use of hardware and hydro massage

Hardware massage is not only convenient because it is good to use at home, but also very useful. Use:

  • Sedative effect. Some patients are even able to fall asleep during the procedure. But it’s not scary, because the devices are often equipped with a timer.
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The patency of the urethra improves.
  • The erection is coming back.
  • Local immunity increases.
  • Blood flow in this area improves.

Hydro massage is no less useful. A comfortable temperature helps to relax the pelvic floor muscles, there is a release of secretions, pain is relieved.

It is also worth noting such a type of prostate massage as indirect massage. It relaxes and warms up the pelvic floor muscles, preparing the prostate for stimulation. Lymphatic fluids do not stagnate, blood flow to the pelvic organs improves. If you do everything right, then the harm of massage for the prostate is not observed.

Prostate massage at home

To begin with, it is worth getting examined and making sure that such a massage does not hurt. You can ask for help from a relative or wife to help perform the manipulation. The knee-elbow pose is best suited, it will be quite difficult to massage yourself. If there is no person to whom you can entrust this matter, then you need to follow the instructions:

You can also supplement the treatment with indirect massage. It can be performed almost everywhere: at home, in the office, in the car. Its essence consists in alternately squeezing and unclenching the muscles of the perineum and anus.

In order not to torment yourself with the question: is prostate massage harmful, you should first consult a doctor who will conduct an examination. He will examine the condition of the rectum, feel the size of the prostate. He will also conduct a number of studies to exclude the presence of concomitant problems that are a contraindication for massage.

An important factor in this procedure is the atmosphere in which the massage is performed. The patient should fully trust the one who conducts it, nothing should interfere. For the best effect, a man should be as relaxed as possible. Only by following all the recommendations, you can achieve good results without harm to the body.