Eastern Bhoomika 2015

Eastern Bhoomika 2015


On the occasion of the Women’s Day, Eastern Condiments is bringing some of the behind- the-scenes-women to the limelight.

The aim of the campaign is to identify and honor ordinary women, women who might not have entered the mainstream of public life, but who might have been a positive influence on
the society or an individual. They can be your wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, classmate etc. Selected candidates under the ‘Eastern-Bhoomika Iconic Women of YourLife’ endeavor were honoured at the function held at Lucknow, Kochi and Bangalore. When the programme was launched in 2015, people were asked to nominate women who have influenced them in their lives. Considering the interest that the
programme generated in 2015, it was extended to Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh in 2016. The selected women from these states were honored on the same day at the same time in all the locations.

Event Date

10 March 2016
11.00 AM

Event Location

Kochi, Bangalore and Lucknow